How to Become a Top Performer

When I started Become A Top Performer, I sure wasn’t one.

In fact, I didn’t even know what it meant.

But I was interested in becoming one.

I wanted to write articles to discover what it meant to be a top performer, and then how to become one.

While finding an answer to what is a top performer wasn’t easy, I eventually found a simple one:

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3 writing tips

10 Writing Tips That Will Make You a Better Blogger

Despite reading all writing tips possible, I’ve been failing time and time again at writing 1000 words a day.

And even after having a course teaching exactly that… I still wasn’t doing it consistently.

For a long time, I felt really guilty about it.

It felt like I was saying: “Do what I say, not what I do”.

I had good reasons though.

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How to Find 52 Blog Post Ideas for 2017 Easily

A while ago, I wrote a blog post called “The Ultimate Guide to Never Run Out of Blog Post Ideas”.

If you haven’t read it, or if it was a long time ago, take some time to skim through it.

Then, download the cheat sheet for endless blog post ideas, before coming back here.

I’ll wait for you!

In this post, I wrote the best strategies that I used to find new blog post ideas. Every time I found myself not knowing what to write about, I relied on one of those strategies.

It was my intention to transform the guide into a big case study where I would show the strategies in application to find dozens of blog post ideas. But I didn't do it...

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